Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Little whispers in the head wishing to talk
Kills the mind with self-pressure
And leaving a residue like chalk
For it is showing reminiscence of the possible future

Hurting in self-deprivation
She only lacks in everyday speech
That should have been a sign of motivation
But she is scared to grab and reach

Living in her mind
Is the only thing giving her comfort
But it is tearing her apart by each crime
And giving her conflicting thoughts that needs a buffer

Silence is inevitable
She loves it but she knows it can be too much
As it is not incredible
And needs to learn to control the unneeded crutch

Feeling the twisted emotions inside
Leaving only her voice to cry
But she doesn't want to abide
Letting go, she now has to say goodbye

Today I wanted to go to my poetry slam at school but I had to study for tests. But to commemorate the day, I decided to put up this poem I wrote a while ago. You can interpret it in any way you want to because words could be understood however you want it to be understood. This was originally written on 2/12/16. 

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