Writing Progress

Sunday, October 02, 2016

Some of you may know that I enjoy writing. Writing gives me so much pleasure because there are no limitations. I can let my thoughts roam and put all my energy onto paper to describe these thoughts. When I come up with a new idea it gives me excitement, but I always give up.

Giving up is something I struggle with. I don't finish many things that I pick up because I get bored. I don't ever plan out what I want to do or understand what I'll get out of it. I can only see the finishing point and not the in between. This relates to my writing. I have written multiple stories before but I never finish them. I always dive head first, as they say, and just write whatever comes into my mind.

This is an issue for me because I don't finish stories. I would love to write a book someday but I can't do that if I stop halfway. I've decided to plan out my thoughts by doing outlines. I've already started on putting down my ideas on characters and background story. The hard part for me are the names. This could be character names to names of towns.

I don't know if I'll keep updating you all on my writing progress but this is something that I wanted to share. I hope that getting my ideas all written down can organize my thoughts and help me to understand my story.

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